Above all else, a successful communications professional embodies adaptability.

Communications is not only a set of skills but a curiosity, an interest in learning, in sharing, in connecting people with information, with one another. It requires the ability to think critically, understand, explain, show.

From a liberal arts education to a background in journalism to communications, project management and event planning roles with very diverse organizations (with some foreign languages and theatre, themselves forms of communication, mixed in along the way), I have brought these skills, traits and adapted many times over.

My work has focused on everything from education, from birth to higher academia, to international diplomacy; urban planning to cyber security; immigration journalism to literary translation; tech entrepreneurship to juvenile justice; the well-being of families to the politics of love; the use of theatre to embolden minority girls to the safety of homeless LGBTQ youth; gay rights, gender roles, poverty, race, fixing disparities and righting wrongs.

My skills range from words (from limited characters to long-form narratives) to design to photography to web coding. They come across in publications (from a one-page brochure to a 50-page report), in presentations, on computers and phones, in videos, in speeches, at events, and in conversations.

I also raise money — fundraising events, appeals, community building.

Give me a topic, a community — one that interests and impassions me, and... 

I’ll tell your story.


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