Coming from Kansas, I always grit my teeth when I get greeted with a "Wizard of Oz" reference or hear, "oh, you're corn-fed."

While I hold a deep appreciation for my heartland upbringing, the work ethic of the farm folk from which I descend, and the Midwestern politeness that makes me smile at strangers on the street even after 9 years in New York (to horrified looks), I have always yearned to discover, explore, and engage with new experiences, people, and trends.

This curiosity has taken me from my home on the range (a suburb like any other, actually) to France and across Europe to New York. It's inspired me to learn languages and cultures not my own. I speak French fluently, German pretty well, and I had a short foray into Russian (15 years ago. Please don't ask me to say anything beyond, "Hello, my name is Patrick. I'm American. Bagel!"). Beyond linguistic differences, I follow closely the social movements, culture, events, and politics that shape the human experience both here in my native land and abroad.

With my love of learning comes a desire to share, from commentary to information to analysis to commentary through design. This took me into an academic and early career in journalism, which has since translated into a series of communications roles for universities and nonprofits. Through writing and design, I promote organizations that work to improve lives and advance our society. I am deeply committed to a number of issues, including social and economic justice to equality of opportunity to providing rights and respect to all marginalized people. And my contribution to these movements is to share stories, in words and visuals, of the movements working to make better and the people impacted by those efforts. To change the world, we must inform, create empathy, and inspire.

Freelance Work

To discuss how my expertise and experience in publications, event planning, web content and development, branding, campaign creation, social media, and strategic communications can further your cause. Please contact me at

Other tidbits

I do A LOT of yoga.

Ever seen a 6'7 guy stand on his head? You could.

I've been running and traveling.

2017 saw my first 10k in New Orleans and first half in Toronto (above). Coming soon (in theory): a sweaty (hopefully alive) pic of me after the Reykjavik marathon in August.

I make a mean cookie.

Rosemary lemon shortbread, pistachio - cranberry - white chocolate, spicy dark chocolate chip. Some friends mock me for being a bougie baker, but it doesn't stop them from eating them (or demanding I bring them over).

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