To engage constituents; inspire donors and supporters; and raise awareness of issues, brand, actions, events, and more, it requires a coherent and effective message and appropriate placement of that message. From a background in journalism, language, and creative and expository writing, I have adapted my skills many times over in promoting organizations and reaching various audiences. From prospective college students to alumni to nonprofit donors, event attendees, and funders to press to prominent figures and thought leaders in business, government, culture, and civil society. I've contributed my writing, messaging, and editing skills to news, narrative, profiles, reports, promotional materials, grant applications, donor outreach, presentations, websites, and social media. I also specialize in combining written and visual messaging, as seen in the design section of this site. Here are some samples of these works:

Freelance Work

From publications to presentations to social posts to editing documents, I can help hone your message and share your story. Contact me at

Horses Help Youth Impacted by Trauma Leake & Watts newsletter, 2016

“The one thing we know is that kids who are involved in the criminal justice system have experienced high rates of trauma in their lives...” READ

Engaging Parents Key to Healthy, Happy Families and Children Leake & Watts newsletter, 2016

“Being a parent doesn’t come with a guide book. I wish it did,”...” READ

Kofi Amouzou Alumni Profile, NYU Alumni eNewsletter, 2010

Kofi and Megan Amouzou meet for a routine lunch in the cafeteria of International House, an international-student residence hall on the Upper West Side. That is where Kofi, now an international-student adviser at Columbia University, met Megan more than a decade ago...” READ

For immigrants, help from one of their own Profile, The Queens Chronicle, 2009

Mersiha Nikocevic raises her left hand, the palm facing a long table of inquisitive onlookers. She wiggles her five digits. “All of these are fingers.” She bends the outer four: “but this one you call a thumb...” READ

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